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【 SSL(暗号化通信に対応しております)】 

お客さまの個人情報をお守りするために、ご入力いただいたデータを暗号化し、安全に送受信することができる技術・SSLによって保護されたメールフォームを使用しております。 暗号化することで第三者からの盗聴・改ざん・成りすましなどから情報を保護します。


Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Information

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. uses the information provided by the users of our websites to provide goods and services to the inquirer and/or improve our goods and services. We may provide your information that is acquired as comments, feedback, or inquiries to our subsidiaries, affiliates, or group companies to assist in responding to your inquiry or request for information, provide goods or services, or when required in related business operations. We will protect the personal information provided by our users in accordance with Japanese privacy laws and regulations and Company Rules for the acquisition and protection of personal information. For details, please see here.


MCI websites use security protocols when transferring data. Acquired personal information is sent encrypted using SSL technology.