Ginza no Sobaya. Reservation and Contact

*Closed : Saturday · Sunday · public holiday
■About Reservation
Reservation is not confirmed on this page.
You will receive a "Notice of completed reservation" 
as a confirmation of your reservation.

※In the case of entry, there is the case that an email from our store does not reach by the reception setting of the visitor in the e-mail address of the cell-phone.
When a reply does not arrive even if 2-3 days pass, please refer over a telephone.

It may take one or two days until your booking is confirmed.
Please reserve by phone if the visiting date is today or tomorrow.

Your personal information might be used in purpose that we have previously specified: Providing services as a reservation customer list,
 Efforts to improve the Service, including through sending questionnaires to customers.

Please fill in the items above and press  確認する"Confirm".